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Domestic Violence Survivor to Single Mom Real Estate Success

Find out how Lisa survived domestic violence by finding courage to step out on her own while supporting 2 kids as a single mom. Listen to how she overcame challenges in real estate to provide for her family and give them everything she wish she had growing up.

Quirky Kid Hating Real Estate to #1 in Wall Street Journal for $205 Million Volume and 374 Closings

How did Kyle go from hating real estate as a kid to becoming #1 in the Wall Street Journal for $205 Million in volume and 374 units?

Rejected by His Crush to $160 Million Real Estate Team

How does it feel to have your childhood crush press her finger in your chest and speak to you like you're not good enough because you're renting the ex-mayor's mansion in Silicon Valley? Find out how Brett turned rejection into success.

Unconventional Wisdom to $53 Million Year

How did Tommy go from an only child with a family full of entrepreneurs to a $53 Million producing real estate top producer? Find out how the unconventional wisdom he received from his father played a role in his confusion and success.

Lonely Gay East Bay Boy to $63 Million Top Luxury Agent

How did Herman go from a lonely east bay boy to a $63 Million top luxury agent featured on national news and TV shows on HGTV? Discover the story of find your way to a dominating career.

Ugly Duckling to Model Beauty to Real Estate

How did Anna go from an ugly duckling to a model traveling the world. She then became an entrepreneur in real estate and ran for office, winning by a land slide. Is there anything she can't do? Listen now!

Nerdy Civil Rights Lawyer to Top Producer

How did Farrah go from being a civil rights lawyer who quit her secure cushy job with the government to jumping into real estate when the market crashed and become a top producer? Listen to her amazing story now!

Millionaire Mindset

The millionaire mindset is about what’s to GAIN rather than what am I going to lose. Practice being aware of where you're coming from and how that's affecting your decision making abilities and all the rest of the conversations you have about your business, about your teammates, about your finances, and about your relationships.

Top 3 Hiring Talent Funnel Strategies

Jeff Hupman and his wife have a team in Savannah, Georgia in a relatively small market, and yet they were able to close 314 units and $75MM in volume last year. How the Hupman Team crushed those numbers is by having top talent on their team.

Awful to Awesome Business Systems in 60 Days

Ever wonder how an expert with decades of experience specializing in CRM's systems for large businesses would choose and handle moving to a new system? Find out what you should look out for when making the critical decision for your business when it comes to your business "engine". Learn now to save painful hours that can come from not knowing.


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