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Assumption Pitfalls When Hiring is the ...

Assumption can be risky when vetting for talent. Without proper fact finding you leave the door open for unqualified people to damage your relationships, your culture, your finances and overall business model.

Dangers of a High "D"

As a real estate entrepreneur it is quite likely (not all) will fall into the dominant behavior category. The driver gone unchecked with an A+ personality. There are some definite dangers and pitfalls to be aware of when it comes to your business. I want to share some of my experiences and pitfalls and give you some tools and strategies to implement into your business module.

3 Simple Secrets To Time Management Success

Are you feeling like there is never enough time, your brain is spinning non-stop, it just keeps circling all day long? Where does all this noise and randomness come from? The feeling of being out of control and completely overwhelmed is all too familiar with way too many agents.

3 Easy Facebook Sphere Touch Strategy

Do you want to know the craziest thing about real estate agents? We are social creatures and love to connect and build relationships. Yet, when it comes to social media and videos there is a HUGE mind-block that brings all social activity to a screeching halt!

Top 3 Lessons to Get Out of The Grind

An empire that averages $135 million units sold annually is what Nick Shivers, a mega agent in Silverton, Oregon has built with his team of eight agents and four admins.

Hiring Ninja Skills

When you go through the process of building relationships with people pay attention to their actions. Listen to their words and watch their behaviors because they are telling you who they are!

7 Key Automations Top Agents Use to Close 427 Homes...

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