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$7 Million to $96 Million Failures & Success with Haro Setian

You’ve heard plenty of dazzling success stories. But how often have you heard the leader of a top team share the failures and mistakes he made along the way?

Disorganized? Slow Down to Speed Up!

Chaos. Disorganization. Leads falling through the cracks. Systems collapsing under your growing business. Sometimes it feels like it never stops. But there's a better way. It's not for the faint of heart but those who are ready to make more while working less will rise to the challenge!

The Curse of Too Many Leads

Too many leads? While that might sound like a dream come true, it can actually be a total nightmare. Learn the symptoms of having too many leads and the systems to turn your dream into a reality.

How Chelsea Got 500% More Closings from her Inside Sales Agents in 12 Months

Having a successful, talented Inside Sales Team might seem like an impossible dream but tune in to today's episode to hear how the right real estate systems created a top 1% ISA team and increased closings by 500%!

Hiring Talent, A Hero's Journey

Enjoy this fun, light-hearted, and original poem by Christine Lee as she shares some insights into the valiant, and often difficult, journey of hiring talent.

Top 3 Keys to Admin vs Ops Boss

Do you want an admin you have to spoon feed or someone who can take charge and take over operations for your business? Discover the 3 key differences in having an Admin vs Ops Boss.

Almost Blind to Great Success in the East and West Coast

How did Jennifer play sports be involved in her community earn two years of college credit early and deal with a possible chance of going blind? Listen to her inspiring story now!

Domestic Violence Survivor to Single Mom Real Estate Success

Find out how Lisa survived domestic violence by finding courage to step out on her own while supporting 2 kids as a single mom. Listen to how she overcame challenges in real estate to provide for her family and give them everything she wish she had growing up.

Quirky Kid Hating Real Estate to #1 in Wall Street Journal for $205 Million Volume and 374 Closings

How did Kyle go from hating real estate as a kid to becoming #1 in the Wall Street Journal for $205 Million in volume and 374 units?

Rejected by His Crush to $160 Million Real Estate Team

How does it feel to have your childhood crush press her finger in your chest and speak to you like you're not good enough because you're renting the ex-mayor's mansion in Silicon Valley? Find out how Brett turned rejection into success.

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