Real Estate Prayers for Business

Dear Jesus, 

I pray that you show me, teach me new ways of operating my real estate business. Show me a way to incorporate you into my everyday, every morning, every client so that your spirit of love, wisdom, and peace is everything I do. 

Let my hands be your hands. 
Let my feet be your feet.
Let the words from my mouth be all of you and none of me.
Help me love and learn the full glory of your plan. 
Grant me the very desire to want you more. 
Grant me the desire to yearn you, hunger and thirst for your company and your word. 

Renew my faith that the plans your have for me is far greater than anything I can imagine. Restore and create excitement to get to know your more. Help me grasp the vastness of your glory so that I may be humbled in pure awe of you. 

I give my heart to you. 
Change it, shape it, mold it and create in me a new heart that loves my family more than ever. Loves you more than ever and servers my clients more brilliantly than ever in accordance with your plans.

I give you all the glory and praise.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

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