Listing Appointment Prayers

Dear Jesus, 

I lift up this listing appointment in prayer and ask for your divine wisdom and guidance. Open my spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear so I can see these sellers/homeowners as you see them.  Open my heart to love them, show your wisdom and advise to them according to your will. 

In Jesus name I declare love, peace and ease in this appointment. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to serve your son and daughter. Use me to be a light in their life. Use me to shape your love and draw them closer to you and draw me closer to you in the process. 

I bless this home.
I bless this homeowner and spear love, kindness and peace into our time together. 
I give you all the glory and praise. Amen

P.S. In Jesus name, I bind spirit of fear, anxiety in this appointment and declare your spirit of power love and a sound mind to prevail in this appointment so that decisions are faithful, trusting and easy and led by your spirit. 

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
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