Imagine a new way of doing business.
A totally unseen way that is waiting to be unleashed.
It's a reality where EVERY Business is a Ministry.

It's actually here now.
We just don't realize it.

If you believe in Christ,

If you accept Him as lord and savior,
Then He lives IN you.
You are His vessel.
You may be a brilliant vessel or a sleeping vessel,
But you are His vessel, 100%.

THEREFORE... your workplace is a vessel (aka a ministry).

In truth, your LIFE is a ministry.
All followers of Christ have a mission.
It's called the Great Commission, but simply put it's...

1) Love God
2) Love Others
3) Share God + Teach others how to do the same (Make Disciples)

Wherever you're at in life is where you're supposed to share God.

If you work...
It's where you spend 30% or more of your waking hours.

Do you think God would be so inefficient to waste 30% of your life and say, "Don't worry about that part of your life. That's not part of my plan."
Can you even imagine God saying "Don't worry about moving the kingdom forward during work hours."

Lol, no!
That's silly human thinking. 
It's a mindset that limits our ability to be KINGDOM focused.

We are suppose to be:

Kingdom-minded, Mission-minded.
We're supposed to be a well trained Spiritual Warrior that is aware of the mission and the kingdom at all times.
Tattoo this into your heart...
MISSION = Move God's Kingdom Forward

I submit to you that...
Most of us have NOT seen an powerful example of how to do business with the Holy Spirit leading.
What we have seen so far is not very interesting.
What we think it will look like is lame and lacking.
What we have seen does not play well with our entreprenuerial spirit.

Here's my request.
Scrap it all.
Scrap all of our preconceived notions of what God can or can't do in business.
Scrap all the things we have seen in church where being poor the result of following God.
Scrap the idea that God gave us business sense and doesn't want us to succeed.

Those are LIES!
The enemy wants to blind us with lies that we can't do what we love or succeed if we follow Christ.
The enemy wants us to see a lame duck verison of God that smells like rotten stinky fish.
The enemy wants to blind us from infinite possibilities and the wonders that God has planned for us.
The enemy does NOT want us to get excited about God, breaking the mold on society, and discussing faith and integrating God to see miracles in our life EVERYDAY.
The LAST thing the enemy wants us to do is get EXCITED about God.

Here's the TRUTH:
God is exciting.
God is a cowboy.
God breaks the mold all the time.
God is innovative.
God is mind-blowing.
God thinks bigger than you ever could.
God is the source of true, soul-filling success.
God is a miracle maker.
God's not done with you.
God has so much He wants to partner with you in.
God has so much planned for you.
God wants to perform miracles through you.
God wants to create a movement through you.
God wants BIG, BIG, BIG things for you.
God wants you to want Him.

He is waiting.
He is patient.
He is forgiving.
He is graceful.
He is LOVE.

You don't have to change one thing to come back to Him.
You don't have to DO anything to ask for His forgiveness.
You don't have to BE anyone to be loved by Him.

Just talk to Gid.
Yell at Him if you need to.
Even when you're yelling, you're talking to Him.
Share your joys and frustrations.
Talk to Him like a best friend, about everything and anything.
Find your way back to Him one conversation at a time.

When you do...
Miracles will happen.

When you do...
Your heart will start to transform.

When you do...
You will have more peace.

When you do...
You open up infinite possibilities.

Welcome to a NEW future.
Where everyone seeks God.
Where everyone's business is their Ministry.
Where every heart and business is a vessel for the Holy Spirit.

Imagine a world where...

  • A chef baking his cake, blesses each cake with a prayer.
  • A potter molding a vase, carves "I love Jesus" at the bottom of it.
  • The firefighter goes into a crisis covered in prayer.
  • Police officers pray together and bind the enemy and unleash God's plan on every one of the victims and culprits.
  • Every teacher prays for her students everyday and unleashes blessings into their lives.
  • Where parents join together in prayer over their children everyday, placing a hedge of protection over their teens and their decisions, asking for wisdom and guidance on how to talk through hard issues.
  • Where every grandparent kneels in prayer every morning to fight the spiritual battle for their grandkids. Unleashing holy fire into the enemy's camp and destroying all plans, schemes and devices against their family and their loved ones.
  • Where the elderly have powerful prayers like ballistic missiles that launch into the enemy's camp everyday and wreak havoc for the devil.
  • Where with every last breath, we give praise and glory to Jesus for all the miracles performed in our lives.

It's a new world where every minute counts.
A new world where every conversation can turn into a prayer.
A new world where the enemy is scared of what you will allow God to do in your life.
A new world where we claim victory in Jesus name all the time.
A new world where hearts and souls are saved all the time in our business, whether you're a pastry chef, a teacher, a firefighter, doctor, nurse, cashier, manager, salesperson or mechanic.
A new world where the Holy Spirit is evident in all of us and there is more love, joy and peace than ever before.

This new world is possible with Jesus.
This new world is possible with our EARNEST prayers and surrender to God's will.
This new world can be here on earth as it is in heaven.
"Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed by thy name,
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven."

Pray so these are not empty words.

We should pray because we believe these words,
And because we WANT these words to come true.

Believe with me.
That new possibilites we have never seen is waiting for us.
Believe with me,
That your business is YOUR ministry.
Believe with me,
That a conversation in your life TODAY can lead someone to Jesus.
Believe with me,
That everlasting life is worth sharing again and again.
Believe with me,
That when we're HOT for God, it puts the world into perspective.
When we're HOT for God, the things of this world strangely fade away.

We have a mere 80 years on this earth.
That's nothing.
What are we doing collecting dollars and riches here on earth for?
What are we striving for?
What will another meal, car, house or business really do for our eternal life?
What is POSSIBLE when we surrender ourselves to God to be used to move the kingdom forward.

God can turn the shallow into deep.
God can turn hurt into healing.
God can make the poor into rich.
God can make the blind to see.

What are we blind to now that God wants us to see?
What possibilites can we open our hearts and minds to and get the fire going in our soul?

God is exciting.
God is fiery.
God is spicy.
God is HOT!

Don't buy into this lame duck version of God.
Bust open the real version and get excited.
Dedicated your life and your business as a ministry to God.
Ask Him to reveal new and wonderous ways of doing business AND moving the kingdom forward together.
Ask for new methods, strategies and innovations that will rock this world.
Ask for it all by first surrending it all to God.

The way up, is down.
Humbles yourself and God will lift you up.
Seek His wisdom and glory and He will reveal Himself to you.
Thirst for Him as if in a parched, dry land.

Your life and your business is your ministry.
Own it.
Live it.
Pray into it.

"Dear Heavenly Father,
Hallowed by thy name,
Thy Kingdom come,
They will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.

I surrender my life, my business, my work as a ministry for you.
Make it hot.
Make it real.

Light my soul on fire to live with passion for You everyday.
Show me things I would have never imagined.
Work miracles through me and in me.
Use me as a powerful vessel for the Holy Spirit and change the world through me.
I want ALL that you have planned for me.
Fill my heart with Your desires and make all your plans succeed.
You are a God of miracles and wonders.
Show me Your power and glory.
I want to see it, feel it, and live it everyday.
In Jesus might name I pray, Amen."

Cheers to your ministry and your success!

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