How Chelsea Got 500% More Closings from her Inside Sales Agents in 12 Months

Have you ever hired an Inside Sales Agent (ISA) only to discover you didn’t get the revenue you expected?

Are you stuck trying to figure out how to make this role actually work?

Chelsea, the Director of Lead Generation of The Haro Group, which closed over 400 homes a year, faced the same challenge when she first took the position.

However, she took her ISA closing 6 in a year to over 36 closings the next year. That’s a 500% increase!

Here’s the reality…

When Chelsea started on the team, none of the ISAs were hitting their goals.

No one knew the number of appointments they needed or followed standards.

Now, her team of ISAs is responsible for a whopping 42% of the team’s business!

Hear how Chelsea learned:

  • Keys to increasing ISA performance by 500%.
  • The value of running your business like a business.
  • What tracking and knowing your numbers can do for your bottom line.
  • Key structure and accountability metrics for top ISAs.
  • To eliminate chaos and ensure every lead is touched.
  • Systems to evaluate the ROI of each lead source and team member.

In her 2.5 years on the team, she’s set herself apart as the top Inside Sales Agent (ISA) and was instrumental in restructuring the ISA department, resulting in a 500% increase in closings for the ISAs on the team!

What to listen for in this episode:

  • How Chelsea rebuilt the ISA team [6:32]
  • Proven Onboarding Procedure [12:55]
  • Precise Plan for Distributing Leads [15:52]
  • Hands-on Coaching Strategy [17:55]
  • Top 3 Tips for Hiring (and Retaining) Rockstar ISAs [19:26]
  • How Systems Strengthen Your Team [23:05]

If you have specific questions for Chelsea or if your team is consistently getting 20 listings or more a month, Chelsea would love to talk to you and can be reached at  

If you have any questions about this topic, setup a free strategy call with one of our experts here.


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