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7 Keys You Must Have for Your Real Estate Business in 2019
In this guide you'll discover...

  • 7 Key Automations Top Agents Use to Add 6-Figures to your Real Estate Business, While Never Working Weekends.
  • How to systematize getting more hot referrals, stop losing track of leads, automate listing management and contract to close processes, recruiting talent and tracking your business.
  • Find out how automated systems took me from a solo agent (working like a dog), to team of 15 and top 1% in my market ... while spending time with family and friends and taking vacations when I wanted!
  • Start running your business like a business with systems and automation designed for your real estate business.
  • Use the 2019 Real Estate CRM Comparison to see how exactly how you measure up to Top Producers who are growing their business the easy way.

Seller & Buyer Lead Automation

Does your system have the following?
  • Seller Leads & Facebook Target Marketing
  • SMS / Text 2 Seller & Buyer Leads
  • Open House & Geographic Farming Systems
  • Expired + FSBO + Power Dialer
  • Custom IDX Website w/Unlimited Blog, Market Niche Pages
  • 3rd Party Lead Integration
  • Text-friendly, Trackable Phone #s
  • Recruit Leads for Agent & Admin
  • and so much more...

Lead Conversion Automation

Does your system have the following?
  • Automatic Lead Alerts & Routing
  • Seller, Buyer, Closing, Recruiting Email Drips
  • Automated MLS Property Drips
  • Built-in Seller Lead Qualification
  • Video Email Touches & Click Tracking
  • SMS Follow-up Touches
  • Automated Conversion Tracking
  • NEW Online Course: Seller & Buyer Lead Conversion (for Agents)
  • and so much more...

Referrals for Life Systems

Does your system have the following?
  • Automatic 33 Referral & Sphere Touches
  • Birthdays, Closings, Anniversary Push Notification
  • Housewarming Party Systems
  • Client Appreciation Event Systems
  • Facebook Retargeting for Sphere & Clients
  • Calculate ROI on Events & Top Referrals
  • Automated Referral Reports & Income Tracking
  • NEW Online Course: Lifetime Referral Systems for Admin & Agents
  • and so much more...

Listing Management Automation

Does your system have the following?
  • Automated & Customizable Listing Action Plans
  • "Happy Seller" Automatic Updates & Client Portal
  • Automatic Teamwork Task Delegation
  • Listing Lead Generation
  • Coming Soon Listing Marketing
  • Video Email Updates
  • Signs & Lockbox Tracking
  • Real-time Listings Performance Tracking
  • and so much more...

Contract to Close

Does your system have the following?
  • Contract to Close Management
  • Automated & Customizable Closing Action Plans
  • "Happy Client" Automatic Updates & Notifications
  • Role Assignments: Closing Coordinator, Assistant, Runner, Agent, Post-Closer, etc.
  • Automated Deadline Triggered Tasks w/Smart Elastic Dates
  • Post Closing Referral Touch Automation
  • Real-time Closings & Cashflow Tracking
  • NEW Online Course: Contract to Close Admin Training
  • and so much more...

Recruiting Automation

Does your system have the following?
  • Hiring Systems for Agent and Admins
  • Automated Recruiting Plans
  • Job Posting & Recruit Lead Capture Pages
  • Facebook Lead Funnel
  • Recruit by Production
  • Recruit Appointment Tracking
  • Track Recruit Referral
  • NEW Online Course: Team Building Blueprint - Who to Hire, When to Hire, How to Hire, How to Compensate
  • and so much more...

Automated Tracking & Reporting

Does your system have the following?
  • Instant Cashflow Report for Your Business
  • Follow Your Money with the Closing Executive Summary Report
  • Know Your Key Listing Performance Metrics
  • Acknowledge & Reward Your Top Performing Agents
  • Track Admin Productivity with Activity Insights Report
  • Identify Cause For Your Biggest Income Fall-outs
  • Top Referrals Sources and Actual Commission Income Reports
  • Know Your Cost per Lead, Cost per Closing for All Lead Sources
  • and so much more...

What People are Saying...

600+ Closings: "Does the work of 6 or 7 different systems but it's all in one place."

Haro Setian & Moses Nickerson, The Haro Group, Keller Williams Realty

$144M / 400 Closings: "Been with Top Producer, switched from Sales Force. Seize the Market has simplified things."

Nick Shivers, CEO, West One Pros, Keller Williams, Gary Keller Top 100

"The only system that can take you from lead gen all the way to after care and everything in betwen."

Aaron Wittenstein, CEO, Wittenstein is Westchester / Founder, Leadgen Scripts Objections

"There's not a single other platform out there that does what Seize the Market does. It's an All-in-One System."

Bob Corcoran, Corcoran Coaching & Consulting, Nationally Ranked Top 25 Real Estate Coach


How is Seize the Market different?
This is a true lead to close all-in-one solution. It includes everything from over a dozen different buyer and seller lead generation strategies to transaction management, referral touches, open house and client event management, automated dialer, expired & FSBO data delivery, project management, operations manual to document processes with video integration, automated tracking and reporting and more.

Is Seize the Market for agents or teams?
Both! Seize the Market is a solution designed to grow with you whether you’re a team of 2 or 30. If you want to run your business like a business, this is for you.

Does Seize the Market have an IDX website?
Yes. Seize the Market has a fully customized IDX front website that allows you to capture buyer and seller leads and track their activities and homes viewed so you can convert them efficiently.

Does Seize the Market include a blog?
Yes. You have unlimited blog and website pages that you can create using your own content.

Does Seize the Market have Transaction Management?
Yes. We handle contract to close for buyer and seller leads to provide automation in tasks and workflow management with multiple roles which enables teamwork and automated client touches and communication through the process so your clients experience world-class service.

Does Seize the Market have automated Action Plans?
Yes. Seize the Market enables you to automate everything from seller and buyer leads, sphere and past clients, recruits, closings, projects, events and more.

Does Seize the Market have a dialer?
Yes. Seize the Market has a fully integrated dialer that allows you to follow-up with your leads with speed and ease.

Does Seize the Market provide Expired & FSBO data?
Yes. You can get fresh new Expired & FSBO data right into your system every morning.

Does Seize the Market integrate with other services?
Yes. Seize the Market integrates with major lead sources such as Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, and more, Google calendar for appointments.
7 Keys Automations You Must Have for Your Real Estate Business in 2019
  • Discover the Secrets Top Agents Use to Add 6-Figures to your Real Estate Business Without Working Weekends.
  • Run Your Business Like a Business So It Can Run Without You.
  • Systems Run Businesses. People Run Systems. People Come and Go but the Systems Remain Constant.
  • How to Become a Well-Oiled Machine that Stops Losing Track of Leads so you Can Increase Profits with Less Hassle.