Top 3 Hiring Talent Funnel Strategies

How does Jeff Hupman and his wife dominate the market with 314 closings and $75MM in volume? Jeff shares his secret strategies on hiring top talent.

Desperate and Need Help

What typically happens is you're overloaded, overwhelmed and you need someone yesterday. You post an ad on Indeed, Facebook, Craigslist or any other combination of online sources and hold your breath and cross your fingers. 

Where Does All Your Time Go

When you have hundreds of resumes coming in it’s a huge monster that needs to be managed.  It is actually a good problem to have because the alternative is to have 1 or 2 applicants come in and we've tried that route before and it just doesn't work.

If your job post has decent online exposure it can easily result in hundreds of resumes. Some even receive hundreds of resumes for one job positing. The high quantity of resumes can be daunting at first but if you have the proper systems to handle it, you can save time, effort and energy in narrowing down to the right candidate. It is the efficiency of your systems that will enable you to accomplish this.

Building Systems

Hiring talent you need to think of it in terms of systems. Think of it like how can I make this repeatable and scalable. Jeff has done that in his business and it’s a beautiful thing once you get it down. Hiring is a system whether it’s one or ten hires.

At the end of the day the one thing we have limited amount of is time and the only way to get more time is by hiring other people, borrowing someone else time, paying for someone else time, so it’s super important to figure out how to get the right people because it changes everything.


What to listen for in this episode:

  • Jeff’s first lesson learned [2:25]
  • The magic number of resumes is 100 [5:30]
  • Where systems come into play [6:18]
  • Jeff’s recaps resume reviews and hiring [9:25]
  • Hiring modules in Seize the Market [12:00]
  • Email templates are King [12:30]
  • A Sales hire or Admin hire; different expectations [13:32]
  • Create hoops and challenges to get to a phone interview [15:30]
  • Jeff’s next evolution is to build a system of potential applicants [18:45]
  • The typical hiring process is needing a hire right now [19:46]
  • The biggest challenge hiring for real estate agents [21:30]
  • Be objective in the interview and look to fill role requirements [22:35]
  • Interview questions the right/wrong approach [23:24]
  • A conversation not an interrogation [25:18]
  • Have at least three candidates you really want to choose from [27:15]
  • Justifying making a hire because of a pain or a need [29:05]
  • A bunch of great tips and takes aways [34:10]

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