Top 3 Keys to Admin vs Ops Boss

When hiring an assistant, do you want someone you have to spoon feed or one that will take charge like a boss and aggressively take stuff off your plate?

Knowing the distinction between an assistant/admin vs an Ops Boss can be a night and day difference in how you grow your business.

Here's where the brain damage happens...

Many people assume that when they hire an assistant that they are automatically getting an "ops boss".


This is like going to a car lot and asking for a car without specifying stick shift or automatic and wondering how you ended up with the wrong one.

They may have similar labels of "admin" or "assistant" just as a car is called a "car" in general but that one detail provides a dramatically different experience.

An OPS BOSS who brings business-building results. They can coach others on your team and is true leverage and muscle in your business. An Ops Boss raises the bar AND increases profit.

What would that do for your business? For your family? For your future?

Today's guest, Christy Belt Grossman, walks us through the search for the right assistant and gives us 3 ways to know if you've found an admin or an Ops Boss! She is the Director of Operations for her team in Virginia, has a passion for those in operations and for raising the bar for admin across our industry, and teaches and coaches many Ops Bosses to success! 

Learn more about her Ops Boss Leader Retreat here or download the  Average EA vs Mega EA comparision sheet. 

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What to listen for in this episode:

  • 1st Characteristic: Time vs. results [4:28]
  • The 80/20 principle [6:09]
  • Expense vs. investment [8:20]
  • The 3X Rule [8:39]
  • Talent attracts talent [9:53]
  • You and your clients deserve better [12:25]
  • 2st Characteristic: Bottom-line thinking [14:05]
  • Cost, net income, and results [16:04]
  • How to cultivate bottom-line thinking [17:04]
  • Create space to speak freely [19:04]
  • 3rd Characteristic: Mega Mindset [21:43]
  • Permission vs. forgiveness [22:04]
  • Hungry bird in the nest vs. hawk on the hunt [23:53]
  • Empower them to be successful [25:41]
  • Commit to investing time up front [27:20]
  • Understand the principles of different behavioral styles [31:39]

If you have any questions about this topic, setup a free strategy call with one of our experts here.


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