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Tommy Choi is from the North side of Chicago where he grew up as an only child living with all his family under one roof.  His grandparents and parents moved to the Chicago area from South Korea in the early 70’s. They came to the United States for opportunity and today most everyone in the family are entrepreneurs and small business owners.  

Tommy graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, IL where he was a good student.  His parents were happy to further his education but the real lessons they had in mind for Tommy was to learn to have relationships with people who may look at him differently.  They wanted Tommy to understand how to cohabitate with people and learn from each other.  Although Tommy did not understand at the age of 17 what his father meant, after graduation the big picture became more clear.  

What led Tommy to real estate was a culmination of all the conversations he had with his dad.  The little seeds planted by his dad are the skills he uses today to thrive.  College years were an important piece of the foundation to build upon socially from the sense of establishing relationships.  Tommy owns his own brokerage where 95% of his business is referral based.   His standards for himself and his team is based on relationship building activities.  

What to listen for in this episode:

  • You have to be able to overcome your fear of failing

  • Good grades are important but relationships and people skills matter most

  • Always hold yourself to higher standards and learn something every day

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