3 Simple Secrets To Time Management Success

Are you feeling like there is never enough time, your brain is spinning non-stop, it just keeps circling all day long? Where does all this noise and randomness come from? The feeling of being out of control and completely overwhelmed is all too familiar with way too many agents.

This is where you take a stance and take back the control you lost somewhere between lead gen, appointment setting, and client follow ups.  That sounds really nice but how do you do that? By committing to change your mindset and spending time and effort creating fail proof systems.  Get into time blocking, prioritizing, committing, and choosing to see the glass half full. The three simple secrets to time management success comes down to the basics of how you look at the situation at hand.  

Busted Time Block

Let's say you're in a time block for business development, the action that feeds your entire business.  You want to be able to have control and turn your faucet of business and leads up, up, up! When something comes to bust your time block it costs you from changing gears and switching from lead gen mode to random mode. Interruptions to your day gets expensive because all those shifts of gears adds up to thousands of dollars lost.

Guardian of Your Time

Time is precious and life doesn’t really look out for your time, so you have to be a guardian of your own time.  You need to shift your thinking that most interruptions are NOT that important. More than likely 98% of the time, that “hey got a minute?” or cell phone calls, or a knock on the door is something that can be answered in a timely manner.  The fact of the matter is, you don’t always have to drop everything for every interruption. You can have control over your business. You can say no to this right now and it still be okay later.

By changing your mindset, you can have your time block for your business and have happy clients, give great service and get great results.  The mindset to keep a time block and shut out any other noise is the type of commitment that will actually give you freedom.

Create the Right Environment

Lastly, what type of systems and process do you have in place?  Your environment and the systems, process and people can either support your notion of time blocking and protecting your time or they could be fighting against it.  Creating a culture of respect and understanding will give you the right tools in the box to leverage. There are so many system strategies and dialogues and many ways to apply this to your business through people process and technology.  

Everything in your business done at a high level becomes a system including the process for handling time management.  Systems allow you to get consistent results that continue to deliver a more productive work environment. Take control back in your business, not just in time management but in the whole big picture of people process and systems and start reaping the rewards of making more while working less.

What to listen for in this episode:
  • Three secrets of time management [:44]
  • Guardian of your time [:54]
  • The cost of interruptions [1:57]
  • Mindset of what is important...or not [3:26]
  • You can so no [4:13]
  • You can have it all [5:56]

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