Small Human Things Big God Things

My FIRST job was...
Scraping gum off the bottom of school desks.
Janatorial service at my future high school.
I was in middle school when I got this job and it was so I can go to the same high school with my friends and be "cool".
(Amazing how much that meant to me in middle school)

I cleaned the high school bathrooms and toilets to pay my way through the private high school that my parents could not afford.
It's a miracle that I didn't get teased. I guess I had some good friends :)

Then I moved up in life. I landed a job at the coolest place for high schoolers to work - McDonalds! Oh yeah baby!
All you can eat french fries!
BTW, I made the best ice cream cones. The swirls were four stories tall and barely fit through the car window in the drive through.

O how I loved making money.
I worked hard, played harder and enjoyed the fruits of my labor at a young age.
I always worked while growing up.
During college, I worked harder than anyone. I was involved in more activities and hobbies than anyone.
I would work for free just to learn or for the experience. 
But I always had paying jobs. The best I could find.
During and after college, was an entreprenuer. I started companies, grew them, earned money, started more businesses, worked, played... life was great! I kept working and striving for more money, more success, more, more, more.

Years later, in one of my down times of challenges and failures, I found myself asking "Why am I doing this?" 
Money just didn't seem to be as fun as it used to be.
It wasn't fueling my fire like it used to.
It was actually getting kinda... old.

"Is there more to life than this?" I wondered.

My sould seeking led me to a place I hadn't been in decades... God.
I found myself saying,
"God, I need you. I need you to light me back on fire... but with something more permanent.
Something big.
Something hot.
Something contagious.
Like wildfire.

God I need you to fire me up in everything.
Not just business but in ALL of life - personal, family, business, charity, spirituality... everything.
I want you to invade every area of my life and rock my world.

Make me on fire for you.
Make me me want you. Bad!
Make all the walls between the compartments of my life disappear.
The walls between business, personal, charity, health, wealth, spiritual.
Tear down these walls! Let everything synergize with each other.

Let them all flow and play together, where one touches the other.
Let them strengthen each other. 

Remove the separation and let all the areas of my life unite into one big massive purpose.
One that burns so bright it starts a wave of awakening causing others to wish the same."

I began to pray, 
"Lord, help me.
Use me to wake up an army for You.
Use me.
Use my business.
Make it your ministry.
Use it to light hearts on fire for you.
Make me a powerful woman of God that is used in the most unusal ways. Make me Yours and make me unstoppable for You.
I don't know where to start but you do.
Do it Lord.
Use me.
Let every success draw me closer to you.
Only give me that type of success and nothing else.
Transform me.
Use me.
Light the world on fire with me.
This I pray. Amen."

Go big or go home, right?

What's more even exciting than a successful business?
One that's being used by God.
One that get's to talk about Him everyday AND be successful.
One that gets to feel His presence everyday.
One that has a kingdom minded mission backing it up.

YOU are a ministry whether you know it or not.
A ministry guised as a real estate business.

Your true mission is to save lives.
You can do it by loving God,
Loving others and spreading a little bit of Jesus everyday.

Is your buisness a nesting ground for the Holy Spirit?
Do you and your team welcome Him everyday?
Do you desire to light the world on fire for Him?

One thing I know is God is great at using SMALL human things to do BIG God things.

"So God, please use my SMALL human thing (my business and life),
to do BIG God things in this world.

Watch out 2021. We're coming for you!
Signed, The God Squad.

Who's with me?!!?!!

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