Plan in Discernment, Surrender the Rest

TOPICS: God 'n Business

Logically it doesn't make sense.
Everyday has 24 hours....
But we act like we have 60.

The day can only hold 10 of the "To Do" items on our list,
Yet, we are constantly trying to get to 60!

As a result, we finish our day feeling behind.
It's a 100% guaranteed losing formula.
What are we doing to ourselves?!

I want to share a process that every person in real estate needs to try once.

This process that allows you to be confident in the choices you make because you're planning your day with God.

Here's how it goes.

Part 1) Heighten Discernment
  • When you read scripture it heightens your discernment.
  • The presence of God calms your mind and gives you clarity.
  • First step is to read scripture. Pick what works for you.
    • I start out with the Lord's Prayer (click here). Feel in your heart the desire to fulfill God's will in your life and move the kingdom forward.
    • Then I do the Love Chapter in 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 (click here).
  • Scripture is referred to as the SWORD in spiritual warfare. It's a literal weapon.
  • You know the enemy is attacking you when you feal fear, overwhelm, guilt or shame. Fight back!
  • Reading scripture is the weapon of choice. Seek God's presence as you're reading.
    • BTW, if the devil's gonna mess with me, he's not leaving without a black eye! Just sayin...

Result: You will be in state of greater discernment so you can choose wisely with the Holy Spirit.

Bottom line: You can choose to plan your day with God or not. Which will have the better result? :) (Hint: choose God, always.)

Part 2) Plan in Discernment
  • With the heightened discernment from reading scripture, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in planning your day.
  • I use a paper planner for the day that has every hour you can fill out. Try this process out ONCE. Click here to print a 1 day planner for today.
    • BTW: I'm a huge Google calendar person, so this felt redundant. Trust me, it's different when planning with God.
  • In the To Do section, brain dump the possible things you need to do today. 
  • In the Calendar section, block out the absolute MUST items such as set appointments and lunch.
    • Yes, LUNCH! Don't you think God wants you to have a decent meal? He doesn't want you starving or eating like a man who broke out of prison. Trust that God can manage to feed you peacefully. TRUST HIM.
  • Next, look at your To Do list...
    • Pause and listen for the Holy Spirit.
    • See what task the Holy Spirit draws your attention. (Trust in the increased discernment from reading scripture.)
    • Next, look at the times on the day planner. Listen and sense which time block the Holy Spirit draws you to. Keep listening closely. Block out your fleshy fears or desires.
    • When you think you landed at the right time, move your pen slowly and write it in the planner.
    • With each task, you can use your "Holy Spirit Gut Check" to see if you're moving correctly.
    • If in doubt, pause. Peace be still in your mind. Breathe. Seek God's wisdom and continue.
    • Trust the Holy Spirit. Listen. Trust. Obey.
    • NOTE: This is a peaceful process, not rushed. If you feel yourself rushing, pause and back-off until you get calm. You can't feel or hear the Holy Spirit when you're rushed or worried.
  • After you are done, review each time block with the Holy Spirit.
    • Pitfall: Cramming too much. If you get the slightest sense that the time block is busting with too many things, it is!
      • Ask the Holy Spirit to see which items He wants you to do at that time, NOT what your flesh thinks you should do. If it seems too light or little, it's probably right.

Part 3) Surrender the Rest

  • Once you have planned your whole day...
    Acknowledge not everything on your list fits into the day. *Breathe*
  • This is the hard part... Surrender the rest to God.
    Trust that He's guiding you and do faithfully what you planned with Him... and surrender the rest.
  • If you're in fear, you're not surrendering. If you feel overwhelmed, you're not surrendering.
  • God will meet you where you're at.
  • Listen, you weren't going to get to all 60 things on your list anyways... so what's really different? Except when you plan with God, you bring His power, presence and peace into the structure of the whole day.

"For God did not give you the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind."

Overwhelm is fear.
Anxiety is fear.
Stress is fear.

If you planned in discernment... surrender the rest.

That is God's commandment to you.
To surrender.
To seek His strength, not your own.

Don't be "the man who did not make God his strength, But trusted in the abundance of his riches, And strengthened himself in his wickedness".

Living with God is a trust exercise... daily.
Do you trust God will catch you?
Do you trust He is powerful enough?

Do you trust the God of the universe can deal with your little human things?

Remember who God is. 
Remember his strength.
Remember his love.
Remember His sacrifice.

God won't let you down.

God has everything under control.
He's the bomb dot com.

Trust Him.
Can you do that today?

Let God lead your business in 2021.

Cheers to your success!