Domestic Violence Survivor to Single Mom Real Estate Success


Lisa Mejri was born in Redlands CA where she was a happy energetic young girl who loved playing outside and being adventurous.  Her parents divorced when she was 12 and that was a huge heartbreak for Lisa since she was very close to her father.  Lisa always had to work for everything she had. After the divorce life got tougher because her mom was a single parent of three.  Lisa would babysit to do the things she wanted to do and fundraise so she could travel with the color guard at her high school.

Just before the start of Lisa’s senior year of high school, she went to live with her father and thought she was going to graduate in Redlands.  Instead, she ended up in Oregon disconnected from everyone she ever knew. Lisa feeling lonely turned to her boyfriend for comfort and support and became pregnant.  

In 2006 Lisa was 24 and after years of domestic violence she found the courage to leave her husband.  To provide for her children she worked as a receptionist at a real estate office in Redlands. She worked her way into transaction coordinator and eventually got licensed and became a personal assistant working with REO properties.  That’s how Lisa got started in real estate. The REO process was emotionally draining and she shifted gears and decided to move into traditional type real estate. Lisa was excellent at door knocking and marketed herself heavily. She is now serving her fourth term as a director for the local association.  With her kids being older and going off to college she is more focused than ever on her clients and expanding her passion for being professional and ethical in her real estate business.

What to listen for in this episode:

  • Domestic violence is not your fault stay strong do not blame yourself.

  • Remain in school and focus on your goals and dreams.

  • Hard work and determination will be the road to gaining confidence and success.

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