Quirky Kid Hating Real Estate to #1 in Wall Street Journal for $205 Million Volume and 374 Closings


Kyle Whissels parents were born and raised in Buffalo NY but they chose to move to San Diego CA where Kyle was born.  His dad started a real estate company upon moving to San Diego and absolutely crushed it by becoming the top performing commercial realtor. Growing up in a separate home from his dad, Kyle kept a negative attitude about his dad’s business because their time together was limited.

Kyle knew he wanted to go to college but he wasn’t sure about his major. He attended a local college the University California San Diego and the first couple of years focused on his undergraduate studies.  When Kyle was nineteen in the early 2000’s, his dad was pushing him to buy property. Kyle was working at the movie theater at the time and knew there was no way he could afford to buy real estate.  Eventually, he got a loan and bought a $500K property and sold it three months later and netted $17,000! That was the turning point for Kyle and how his hate for real estate was completely turned around for the better.

Kyle spent five years learning commercial real estate with his dad.  Then between 2008-2012 the financial market crashed and Kyle chose to break away from his dad’s business and focus more on short sales and foreclosures.  After the years of working with REO’s Kyle shifted to a more traditional side of real estate. The first year he had a team they did 82 deals.  He had all the wrong people at that point, because he was hiring anyone and everyone.  The next year he got a good CRM and started hiring people for the right culture. They went from 82 to 242 deals in a year which was a breakthrough year.  

Kyle and his team have been #1 in the San Diego area for 3 years in a row per the Wall Street Journal. The first team ever to be #1 in both units and volume which has never happen before.

What to listen for in this episode:

  • What may cause you pain growing up could actually end up fulfilling your life.

  • Hiring warm bodies to fill a need instead of hiring to fit your culture can stump your growth potential.

  • Everyone starting out in real estate should join a team, pay your dues and learn the business under someone else.

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