Jesus, Have I Told You Today...?

Sometimes when your heart is dancing, it comes out in words.
A song of praise...

"Dear Jesus,

Have I told You today how AMAZING You are?
Have I told You today how MUCH I love You?
Have I told You today how MUCH I appreciate You?

You are PRAISE worthy!

I can't even wrap my head around Your plan,
The extent of your wonderfulness and Your glory.
I can't even begin to imagine what You have planned for me,
I'm a bag of dirt with legs that wouldn't be alive without Your breath.
I can't even think about trying to do life on My own,
Once I got a taste of You.

Why would I want to go back to lugging around extra baggage?
Why would I want to live by my own strength?
Why would I want to rely on my own knowledge?
Why would I want to do things MY way when YOUR ways are so much BETTER!

And not just a LITTLE better,
But INFINITELY better.

There's no comparison between eating dirt vs. eating steak,
There's no comparison between breathing smoke vs. fresh air,
There's no comparison between being tortured vs. being comforted,
There's no comparison between me and You.

The only regret I have is,
That I didn't realize this sooner,

That I didn't share this sooner,
Not trusting You sooner.

How bright are my days when You are my light,
How fair is the weather when You are my breeze,
How sweet is the smell when I soak in You.

There is no comparison with You.

I mistook achievement for satisfaction,
I mistook wealth for glory,
I mistook pride for identity,
When all I need is You.

I mistook success for purpose,
I mistook money for power,
I mistook my plan as the BEST plan,
When all I need is You.

Lord, now that I know, is it too late?
Now that I know, am I too far gone?
Now that I know, is the damage done?
Now that I know, I choose YOU.

You are all I need,
You are all I want,
You are all I have,
I just want YOU.

Let this be my SONG,
Let this be my DANCE,
Let this be my PRAISE,
That I just want YOU.

In Jesus name, Amen."
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