Almost Blind to Great Success in the East and West Coast

Jennifer Stowell was born in NJ and from a young age she was already tenacious, ambitious and a little bit nerdy.  She was the youngest of three with an older brother and sister who provided leadership for Jennifer which lead her to be quite the athlete.  Besides being a huge sports enthusiast Jennifer always aspired academically and was able to complete two years of college credits while in high school.

Jennifer’s family has always been involved in real estate which is where she gained her insight into the industry.  Her dad has a remodeling business and her mom has been a realtor since Jennifer was 12. As young as first grade Jennifer would help promote the family business wherever they went.  Her exposure to hard working entrepreneurs was not only in the immediate family but extended family too.  This instilled a work ethic for Jennifer to want more for herself.

There was a time during college when Jennifer had to have major eye surgery with the possible risk of blindness.  Fortunately, Jennifer had the top surgeons available and the eight hour procedure was a success.  After the medical scare and victory, the planning for opening a brokerage with her mom began.  The vision shared between Jennifer and her mom was to be creatively different and try new ways of doing business by incorporating technology wherever possible.

Jennifer has been in real estate since 2009 where her primary office location is in Tallahassee, FL and the business has expanded to branch offices in the Emerald Coast and Walnut Creek, CA.  Her vision is to continue growing in the East and West coast and have as many offices as possible in the San Francisco Bay area, Florida and with hard work Southern CA as well.

What to listen for in this episode:

  • Don’t try make everything perfect just keep the momentum moving forward.

  • Have work/life balance while building your business.

  • Be passionate about everything you do.

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