Is your Business God-Friendly?

Is your business God-friendly?

Here's a quick story about an atheist friend that made the most unexpected and profound statement about God.

First, she's super, super smart, salutatorian of our graduating class, a physics major, took physics final exams while passing kidney stones and graduated with "summa kum laude"! 

As she was studying physics she concluded, "The more I learned about the laws of physics, the more I realized there was a master designer behind this. It's not random. It's by design."

Often we forget...
God is an architect.
His designed the laws of physics, laws of gravity, nature, sunsets, sunrises, oceans and tides...
They all reflect his perfect design filled with order and peace.

"God is not a God of disorder, but of peace."

How would it change your perspective on being orderly in your business if you realize that's what God truly wants for you.

What if that was his command to you?

What if the level of your obedience to God is rated by how orderly and peaceful your business is?

You want to resist this idea, right?

I've heard so many excuses...
You may be thinking, I'm not the organized type.
There are fires that come up in real estate deals or offices.
There's just a lot to do, it's a fact of life in real estate.

Let's look at it backwards.
Can you imagine God saying "Yes, it was my perfect plan to have you utterly overwhelmed and frustrated today."


Would it sound more like...
"Yes, it was my plan to have you walk through that fire with calm and peace of my Spirit. Well done, good and faithful servant."

When I became clear that God's true intention was for me to operate in order and peace everyday. Yes EVERYDAY. It was a game changer.

At first, I thought it was impossible.
Not in real estate.
Not with all the demands of the day.
No way!

"Yes. My way." is God's response.
"Yes, I am a God of order and peace, not of chaos and confusion."

But if you believed in your heart of hearts that...
When you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off, God's heart is crying inside.
It's like a parent seeing their kid addicted to drugs and ruining their life.
It hurts.
But you can't change for them.
They have to make that choice.

Us silly humans, think that's impossible in real estate.
Especially when you're starting a new office,
Relaunching an office,
Recovering from a pandemic.

I feel you on that.
I've gone through some rough changes this past year.
It wasn't easy.
Most of it shocking - not in a good way.
It caused me to lean into God... HARD.

Now, more than ever, I needed Him.
I stopped looking to my own brains and abilities to overwork and grind it out.
My way just made me my hyperactive, more driven, more multi-tasking.
It was exhausting.

Acheiving is good, but most of us grind in disorder.
We make excuses for using the nature of real estate.
We make excuses because we have "emergencies".
You can have emergencies and STILL be covered in God's peace and order.

It's not easy, it's simple.

On this New Year...
The first working week of 2021,
I hope that you see that God DESIGNED to operate in order and peace.

If things are hot and hairy and you feel that ball of anger or frustration buring up your chest, remember this.

Jesus is patient.
Jesus is kind.
Jesus does not envy,
Jesus does not boast.

Jesus does not dishonor others,
Jesus is not self seeking.
Jesus is not easily angered.
Jesus keeps no record of wrongs.
Jesus does not delight in evil.
Jesus rejoices in truth.

Jesus always protects.
Jesus always trusts.
Jesus always hopes.
Jesus always perseveres.

Jesus NEVER fails.

Having said that, if your business God-friendly when it comes to order and peace?

If not, just pray for God to share His wisdom and lead you in the right direction.

Teach me Your order.
Teach me Your peace.
Grant me Your business plan for me in 2021.
I invite You into my business and my life in a whole new way.
Transform me.
From the inside out.
Delight in me in all that I do.
Teach me to surrender and submit myself to You.

Your will be done in my business and my life.

I hope you surround yourself with the right people and systems to bring order and peace to your business.

Don't let the enemy's lies keep you in chaose and busy-ness.
God can calm any storm, any emergency, any deal.
He is bigger than real estate.
He is bigger than the noise.
Lean in.
Change your trajectory today.

Cheers to your success!
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