Is Urgency of God?

If you have a "sense of urgency", it's hailed as a good quality.
But when does it come back to bite us in the butt?

When do we go from URGENCY to SCARCITY without even knowing it?

Urgency in being obedient, prompt and diligent is great.
But there is a fine line between urgency and scarcity.

For over 20 years, I slipped into scarcity without knowing it and celebrated it as urgency.

If you have a DRIVEN personality...
People call you the "go getter", someone who's gonna do "big things", someone with "potential".

So here what happened to me.

I kept driving.
I kept pushing.
I kept wanting more.

And at the end of the day,
I wanted more for ME, not God.
I never checked in.
I never asked.
I never even wondered.
(It sounds even worse reading this words as we speak!)

So today's I want to bring awareness between "urgency" and "scarity".

For 20 years ran around with a "sense of urgency" because I had a sense of "there's not enough time".

My sense of urgency was driven by scarcity of time.

It was not driven by power, love and a sound mind.
It was driven by fear of not getting everything done.
It was driven by fear of not getting behind.
It was driven by my self greed and adolation of "Wow, look how much I got done."

I was not even trying to be in alignment with God's plan.


I had my own plan.

Business planning 101, right?
Establish a goal and calculate your key metrics backwards.
Just do it.
Get 'er done.

Yeah, I got 'er done.
Right into a big pot of burnout!

It's simple...
With God, He does NOT burn you out.

He does NOT result in exhaustion.
He does NOT result in panic.
He does NOT result in overwhelm.
He does NOT result in stress and anxiety.

So if you have any of the 5 things above, check yourself.

Are you in line with God's will for your life?
Are you following your plan or His?

Here's a prayer...

"Dear God,
Reveal to me Your plan in my life.
I seek You.
I want You.
I call upon your promise to give me a hope and a future.
Make me whole and complete in You.
Show me Your way,
Grant me the strength to follow it.
And use me as a vessel to change the world.
You can do it better than I can.
I surrender my hopes, dreams and goals to You.

I pray for your clarity.

Break free.
Ask for Help.
Seek God.

Cheers to your success!
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