I Was Unfaithful with Little Ouch

It hit me like a ton of bricks...
"Christine, you're not faithful with little...
So you can't be trusted to be faithful with much."

My gut and flesh wanted to FIGHT those words!
I wanted to defend myself, but...
I paused.
Got quiet and listed.
"Hmm, there MAYBE some truth to that."

It's funny how the Holy Spirit works.
He nudges into your thoughts a little hint of truth when you can't handle all of it.

Then I asked myself...
Where am I not faithful with "little"?
What would qualify as little?

What does that mean in business?

Here's what I got...
God gave us our business.

He put us in charge.
We have the responsibility to steward it and to do it well.
And not just steward part of it, but ALL of it.

All of it?
Honestly, I don't love all of it.
There's parts that I cringe at.
Parts I procrastinate on.
Parts I don't do well at all.


Then I realized how that must make God feel.
Sad. Frustrated? 

I ask God daily to use my business as HIS ministry.
I ask Him to do BIG God things with my small human business.
But how does that mix with my arrogance of not doing the things I don't want to?

I began to realize how wrong I've been.
Arrogant even.
I used "busy"-ness to justify why I didn't have enough time to be obedient and pay attention to the details.
"God is not a God of disorder but of peace and order."
If we run our business in a way that is opposite of what God's nature is, what are we saying? "We love you God, but not enough to make you happy with the order in my business."
Double ouch!

A desire to set things right began to grow.
I time blocked for the things I was neglecting.

I sat down and did the things God wanted me to and I stopped "cherry picking" only the things I wanted to do.
My attitude changed.
"Faithful in a little, faithful in much.
Faithful in a little, faithful in much.
Faithful in a little, faithful in much."
I kept repeating this to myself outloud.

It's not just about organizing, it's about being obedient to God.
So far, I have not proven to God that He can trust me with little and therefore, trust me with much.

I want to earn that trust.

I want God to use my business in a BIG way to change lives and move the kingdom forward.
I MUST get this right.
I WILL get this right.

It's a process.
Trust isn't earned overnight.
It's about consistency.
It's about commitment and discipline to follow-through.

I turned it into a game.
I'm building "obedience" credits.

Everytime I'm obedient and doing things I didn't do before, I imagine depositing an obedience credit in to my bank account with God in my business.

Start one day at a time.
It will add up to a week.
Then a month, a year.
Then cha-ching, God will be able to trust me and use me boldly and beautifully!

It's more important for God to use my small human business to do BIG God things than to give into my fleshy resistance.
I will submit my flesh to be obedient to God.
I'll show my flesh who's boss.
God's the boss.
Since God is a God of order and peace, then that's what He'll get!
God help me, lol :)

It's a process.
I'm in it.
I invite you to join me.
So that God can use you in a BIG way.
Let God use you to change lives in an eternal way and in a business way - BOTH!

He can't do that if you're disobedient.
He can't do that if you're business is full of chaos and disorder.
You're better than that.
You're meant for more.
For BIG things.
If you're willing to be used by God.

In this second week of the New Year, reset your perspective on the small details and find joy in building "obedience credits".
Find joy in making God happy.
Find hope in being used boldly by God for this kingdom.
You're meant for greatness.
Embrace it with God.
He's the greatest.
He's the almightly.
Imagine what He can do with you!

Cheers to your success in moving the kingdom forward!

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