I Found a Devil in my Business

I found a devil in my business.

In the previous message I shared that...

"God is not a God of disorder but of peace."

Taking that one step further...

What is the opposite?

The things that are NOT of God...
Are of the devil and he is all about:

  • Disorder
  • Confusion
  • Overwhelm
  • Chaos

It may seem like an obvious statement, but let's tune up your spiritual sensitivity.

Imagine turning up a dial in your mind that makes you more sensitive to disorder, confusion, overwhelm, and chaos.

Now think about "Multi-tasking".
Switching rapidly from one task to another, back and forth.

Most of us would consider multi-tasking a necessity.
It's a part of being in real estate, right?

But is it?

(Mentally, tune up your spiritual sensitivity some more.)

How do you feel when you multi-task?

Think about what happens when you multi-task.
You're litterally jumping from one thing to the next.
You don't finish one task and you start another.
You don't finish that either before you jump back.

Do that a dozen times and how do you feel?
A) Peaceful, refreshed, inspired, and energized?
B) Stressed, wound-up tight, aggressive and anxious?

Which one sounds like God and which one sounds like the devil?

Can you imagine this conversation?
You: God, do you want me to multi-task?
God: Yes, I want you to switch from task to task without finishing any of them.
You: Are you sure?
God: Yes, that way you can feel stressed, confused, and anxious.

Would God every WANT you to be stressed, confused or anxious?

"God did not give us a spirit of fear,
but of power, love and of a sound mind."

So here was truth bomb that made my mind go BOOM...
If multi-tasking causes more chaos (NOT peace), what does that mean for all the multi-tasking I do throughout the day?

Simple logic.
Multi-tasking creates chaos (in your head).
God is peace, not chaos.
So multi-tasking is not of God.

It's of the devil.
Yes, the "D" word.
The devil is eating away at your peace in this way throughout your day.

Let's talk strategy.
What do you do when something comes up?

Answer: Write it down in a strategic designated place (notebook, paper or sticky). 
Review that sheet in a designated time block or after a time block.
Plan to look at it.
KEEP your focus on the task at hand.
Do not get distracted.
God is not distracting you, it's the devil.
Who are you going to let win?

Yes, this is that crucial and supernatural.

I'm guilty of it just as anyone else.
Even while writing this email, I was distracted at least 5 different times and had to stop myself to say, "Focus".
Is that sad or ironic that I was tempted to multi-tasking WHILE writing about the devil in multi-tasking?
He is a trickly little turd, the devil.
Be aware.
Be on guard.

I had this revelation in the last week.
I'm conciously choosing NOT to multi-task.
The habit is deeply rooted.
It's like an addiction.

But I'm getting better everday. 

I'm more aware of when I multi-task.
I'm more aware of what tempts me to multi-task and switch gears.
The "emergencies" that fire me up are reconsidered.
Many times, I'm backing the truck to UN-multi-task and go back to finish my original task.

In 2021...
I choose focus.

I choose peace.
I choose power and a sound mind.
I choose God.

As a result I will be faithful to that task God gave me and I will complete my timeblock in excellence.

Multi-tasking causes fatigue.
It causes confusion and overwhelm.
It has the devil's fingerprint all over it.

It may be hard to imagine now, but what would it be like if we planned our day down to every time block with God and by faith, obeyed those time blocks.
When we find ourselves being distracted, ask the question...
"Holy Spirit, does this REALLY have to be done now?
Do you want me to drop what I'm doing and do that instead?"

See what response you get.

As you tune up your spiritual sensitivity and see the chaos, stress and confusion multi-tasking causes...
It becomes obvious that it's not God.

It's a spiritual battle out there.
This is one of them.

I'm in the fight with you.
I'm having to re-train myself.

I literally feel like my hand moves on it's own to reach for the phone.
That distracts me, guaranteed.

It's an addiction.

"Hi, my name is Christine and I am addicted to reaching for my cell phone." :)

These are things therapy is made of.
Instead, go to the Holy Spirit.
He's free and way more powerful.

We can't win this spiritual battle alone.
We need God to submit our flesh and renew our heart and mind.
His way is to operate in peace ALL the time.

Yes, ALL the time.
Yes, that's a high bar.
Don't you set high goals?
Why not this one?

Ask God to step into your life like never before.

"Dear Heavenly Father,
Come into my life.
Help me.
Change my ways.

Grant me supernatural wisdom and peace.
Teach me obedience to your will.
Grow my desire to love you and submit to you.

Take over my business.
Make it Your ministry.
Rock my world.
Make me never wanna turn back.

Light me on fire.
Today and everyday.

In Jesus mighty name I pray.

Cheers to an awesome 2021!

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