How I Saved 20 Hours a Week + $50,000 per year

"That's ENOUGH, I can't take it anymore!!" Carissa screamed inside as sheer exhaustion took over! The team was closing over 400 units with 100 listings, and on top of that they lost key team members. She found herself working 80 hours a week with no end in sight. Something had to give...

Find out how Carissa Vowels from The Haro Group of Keller Williams, who closed 412 units last year and targeted to do 650 this year, performed a miraculous turn around to gain her sanity and went from working 80 hours a week to 40 while saving the team an additional 20 hours a week and $50,000 a year by having the righ SYSTEMS in place! How much time and money can YOU save by having the right systems.

Here are the top system features that can help you save both time and money:

  • Action plan for a specific task with automatic triggers notifies you once the action plan is triggered or task is complete
  • Tasks that allow you to notify team members as they get assigned or completed to ensure bullet-proof communication
  • Real-time automatic reporting of all your key metrics for conversion, transactions, listing, closing and even your ROI all in one window and helps you avoid the use of in-accurate spreadsheet
  • Add more than one action plan at anytime for specific client so that you have the extra steps for different scenarios
  • Automate the entire company process by managing your action plans, tasks, email template, transactions, listings and closings
  • Improve the bandwidth of each employee by helping them spending more time on innovating your business rather than spending time reconciling the process

On this episode, learn how the right System can automate your business to give you the Freedom to focus your time and efforts in the right places… and ultimately making more money to grow your business!

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