Lonely Gay East Bay Boy to $63 Million Top Luxury Agent


Herman Chan was born in the San Francisco East Bay area.  His family came to America from Hong Kong and China and they ended up in Silicon Valley where he went to high school.  He attended UC Berkeley in the 90’s as a business major but soon realized this was not the path to his future. He changed majors and decided to go to community college instead.  

Herman's mother suggested getting a real estate license to help stay afloat while he studied to become a doctor or lawyer.  Unbeknown to him, Herman found selling to be super easy due to his passion for art and marketing and his education.  As a local he had a nice sphere that he was able to leverage and now 17 years later he's #1 at Golden Gate Sotheby’s as a luxury agent and did $63 million last year as a solo agent... wow, how did he accomplish that?

What  to listen for in this episode:

  • How a major university gave him a failing notice that pushed him into a communications major.

  • Being recruited by a Fortune 500 company was not the right path to his future.

  • Doing what you think everyone wants you to do is not always the best way.

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