Top 3 Lessons to Get Out of The Grind


An empire that averages $135 million units sold annually is what Nick Shivers, a mega agent in Silverton, Oregon has built with his team of eight agents and four admins.  Nick is the quintessential spirit busting through life’s obstacles getting things done for better or worse. He shares his top three lessons learned to get out of the grind working IN your business.

Do you recall your days spinning out of control the first few years in business?  You worked non-stop, barely slept or ate and grinded out the days demands to get it right. With minimal time, money and clarity you operated without a plan. You had multiple inefficient systems and you were on the verge of a complete shut down.  What an unforgettable time when you questioned why did I get into this business?

You don’t need to be perfect

Has anyone ever said “hey you don’t have to be perfect”?  Trying to do it all yourself from the get go is a recipe for disaster.  Instead, stick to your best skills and bring alongside someone who has the skill sets that compliment yours and build a powerhouse team.  Then elevate to the next level with a systematized plan that includes finding a coach or mentor that's done it before and has the expertise.

Coaching systems

Your plan will include interviewing your broker and peers about their systems coaching ideas.  Choose the top three and read about them, listen to their podcast, sign up for their coaching and follow their systems.  Build your foundation on those coaching systems and don't deviate from the plan until you master it. There’s no need to recreate the wheel. Coaches, mentors and industry experts have proven there are tools to sharpen your skills and learn to become a true leader.


Lead by setting expectations

Some people are fortunate and are natural leaders, but for many leadership is learned. You learn to have the right conversations with your team members. There are different styles of leadership, like servant leadership, where the mindset is to serve your team members and help them grow and help your clients.  You start with a plan with clear goals and expectations.  Setting expectations and holding people accountable makes you a leader people want to work for, and it lets people know they are valued and you care about their success.

There are best practices for leadership conversation or how to delegate not advocate, and to inspect what you expect, and then how to be a servant leader that helps you have the right conversations and hold people accountable in a joyous kind of way. Remember, there's really no need to keep trying to figure it out by yourself.    

What to listen for in this episode:

  • You don’t have to be good at everything [3:35]
  • Coaching and mentors is key [6:25]
  • All agents can relate [10:20]
  • Loss of money and time [13:11]
  • Find a systems coach [14:33]
  • Inspect what you expect [16:39]
  • Example of not inspecting what you expect [18:00]
  • Survey the agents and clients about support [21:10]
  • Foundation for leadership is trust [26:01]
  • Leadership can be learned [30:39]

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