Rejected by His Crush to $160 Million Real Estate Team


Brett was born in Foster City-Palo Alto.  He was the youngest of four with nine years difference from his next oldest sibling.  His dad was an attorney and mom was a nurse who worked a lot so Brett’s siblings basically took him under their wing and guided him through his younger years.

At the young age of six Brett’s family moved into the house of the former Mayor of San Jose CA in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city.  His neighborhood crush walked up to him one morning stuck her finger in his chest and said my mom says you rent your house... those words stung. The Jennings family were like the black sheep of the neighborhood because they were the only ones that rented their home.  They were always seen as outsiders and didn't deserve to be there. That created something in Brett to set out and prove to himself that he did belong and he was going to make something happen in his life.

From an early age Brett did have the inspiration for entrepreneurship.  In the third grade he was at the amusement park where they sold giant lollipops that were the size of saucers.  His creative thinking located the manufacturer that happen to be in San Jose, rode his bike to the location and with his determination was able to buy what was considered factory second lollipops.  Brett went back to school sold his backpack full of lollipops and hence that was his first commercial enterprise.

Today that same third grader has taken his candy selling business utilizing his skills, knowledge and experience to create a booming real estate business where he is crushing the numbers and did $160 million in his Brokerage with a great team of eight and a whole lot of forward thinking.

What to listen for in this episode: 

  • If you look at every successful person there's some seed in their story or a turning point that help shape and define who they are.

  • Be passionate about what you do because the road will be hard but the reward will be amazing.

  • Goals and dreams are the deadline, find someone else who has done it or created it, make a plan and model after it and go from there.

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