Awful to Awesome in 60 Days! How the Pros Transform their Business


John Rist, "Mr. CRM", has been a CRM Specialist for over 30 years. He helped companies as they invested $30 Million dollars to automate and save time and money using the right CRM (database) system. 

Here's what John know about the right system:

  • The right system can either make you or break you.
  • The right system is the tool that drives results or drags production.


John will share the vast experience he has and help you uncover the good, the bad and the ugly and how he turned his business systems around from Awful to Awesome in 60 days! Get ready to take some serious notes!

Highlights from the Must Have's:

  1. GOOD SEARCHING: Finding stuff quick and easy is critical. An awesome CRM will allow you to search contacts from any category you would like, it may be through customer’s first name, last name, phone number, address or etc. but not just that, the search engine should give you the right amount of results. We don’t want it to be a “Vomit Search” that gives you tons of results that doesn’t even match up to what you searched. An Awesome CRM will give you an Intelligent Search result by not overfeeding you with too much information but by giving you exactly what your looking for.


  1. THIRD PARTY INTEGRTION: This is mostly technical and very hard to understand for some. An Awesome CRM will integrate your business process into one major system. Imagine yourself opening multiple tabs for multiple tasks just because you want to dial a potential buyer, well that’s a hassle. A good CRM will integrate all that you need under one umbrella, it will even allow all team members to look at the same page and see updates of a certain contact therefore diminishing the chances of multiple agents calling one client for all the same reason.


  1. OPERATIONS MANUAL: Document all your important business processes and tagging it into your CRM. An awesome CRM allows you to impart, teach and instruct a new team member with less hassle and energy. Operations manual is a good discovery for CRMs. It stores all the knowledge a tenured all-star have into a simple, easy to understand file, giving access to all team members how to do things the right way.


In this episode:
02:55 - 30 million dollar deal with john risk
04:42 - the operations manual
07:48 - three important things in CRM 
16:36 - how it feels to have a strong operations manual
18:15 -  how to use the operations manual for training
19:54 - 2 different kinds of operation manual 
22:38 -  The of Auto Triggers
33:18 - Example of the auto triggers that we have

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