$7 Million to $96 Million Failures & Success with Haro Setian

Can you imagine all the failures and successes that happen when you go from $7 Million to $96 Million in sales?

Usually, when people share their story, they describe their successes and leave out the mistakes. Rarely do you ever get to hear it all…

The good, the bad, and the ugly!

In this series, that’s exactly what we’re going to cover.

Haro Setian, the Founder and CEO of The Haro Group in Greenville, SC, shares the foundation to his astounding success in the first of this riveting four-part series, From $7m to $96m in sales: The Failures!

When Haro started as a solo agent (after being fired from a team), he had never worked with a seller before.

He was $50,000 in debt and didn’t know how he would get any business.

He tackled this challenge like he did all the others in his life - with grit, determination, and confidence!

And boy, did it pay off!

Haro immediately began utilizing leverage and systems to ensure he was spending his time focusing on the activities that mattered most - while still leaving some time to spend with his young family.

Fast forward 6 years and his team peaked at closing 478 units in 2017!

In this four-part series, Haro will share:
  • The mistakes and failures he’s made along the way.
  • His key takeaways from these critical points in his business.
  • The hallmarks that have led to his success.

Listen Now!

What to listen for in this episode:
  • Scored Highest Paying Job Offer [19:40]
  • A Life-changing Introduction [27:50]
  • How He Sold 36 Houses his First Year [32:00]
  • Key Lessons Going from Buyer Agent to Solo Agent [36:45]
  • How Leverage set the Foundation for Success [42:00]
  • Investing in his Future [45:45]
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