Virtual Assistants

"If You Don't Have a Maid, Your ARE the Maid"

Every time you choose to do "admin" work, you are LOSING MONEY! Now there is no more excuses. We are doing the hardest part for you! This is a quick and easy way for you to plug and play Virtual Assistant into your work flow so you can spend your time doing what makes you the more profitable: Prospecting, Selling & Negotiating!

SCOPE OF WORK: Admin Tasks ONLY. No direct client contact.


  • 10 hours per week - Starting at $500/mo
  • 20 hours per week - Starting at $800/mo
  • 30 hours per week - Starting at $1200/mo
  • 40 hours per week - Starting at $1400/mo

PRICING: Ranges from $500 to $1680 per month*

*** IMPORTANT: Limited Availability. First-come, first-serve. Waiting lists available. Grab your spot Now!

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*Pricing subject to change based on current programs and specials.

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