Tracking Your Business

Once upon a time, knowing your Key Performance Indicators was a grueling chore. You had to go into several different systems or gather your scraps of paper to know what your business was like. Now, Seize the Market has streamlined that process so tracking is a smooth part of your work flow. It doesn't take five extra steps to gather this information, it is now available in a single click of a mouse!

Numbers in your business that Seize the Market Tracks for you in our system.

  • Lead Gen Hours
  • Dials per Hour
  • Spoke to Contacts
  • Contacts per Hour
  • Appointments
  • Contacts to Appointment Conversion
  • Appointment to Listing Conversion
  • Coming Soon Listings
  • Set to Met Appointment Conversion
  • Met to Signed Appointment Conversion
  • # Set Appointments
  • Total # Listings
  • Total # Closings

Are you tracking the following metrics that are core to your business? We are! =) As a part of our service, we will provide you with tools and instructions on how to use these tools to track and improve your business.