Listing Management

Keeping your sellers happy is a top priority and challenge when building your listing inventory. Seize the Market is making this easier than every. Our automated Seller Updates allow you to log your activities in the system and share those notes with the seller by making them "Public" or "Shared". As you log all your activities through your tasks as you normally would, this is also simultaneously building your Automated Seller Report that gets sent out for you.

Action Plans are also a key part of listing management. Building and fine-tuning your systems are critical to your business for reliability and scalability. Our inteligent action plans allow you to time the activities that you want to occur for every listing. We also have triggers that allow one activity to trigger other activities. Our action plans are "smarter than your average bear" (reference to Yogi Bear :P)

Find out how you can improve your listing manager's productivity by 35% or more! How solid are your systems? We can help!