Listing Storyboard

The Seize The Market Listing Storyboard (C) approach helps sellers get their home sold faster and for more money. It provides a way for the seller to engage in the process. 

Here's the original listing storyboard - produced in the old-fashioned clunky way, one-by-one. Rowena created these in this fashion for years before Seize The Market automated the process.

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You may want to recreate the storyboard yourself, attend one of Rowena Patton's Mega Listing Sessions to learn how to do it yourself if you have the time and expertise. 

Listing Storyboard; site to help your listings sell, where sellers can engage and share their listing across social media sites and through email to their friends and family. Sellers LOVE the storyboard - and it's great for listing leads. 

See Live site 


See Live site 

Rowena Patton speaking about Listing Storyboard

Listing Storyboard ™


Rowena Patton's Listing Storyboard ™
Our Listing Storyboard allows a seller to engage with their own listing and share why they fell in love with the home, where they love to eat, and where they love to shop and everything else about the city and neighborhood that they live in. Imagine the seller being able to share their listing with their family and friends and the ability for their family and friends to interact with the Listing Storyboard. The Walking Tour Video is the icing on the cake, such a great way to bring a home listing to life. Grab your Storyboard below and start bringing your listings to life now!