TRIPLE Mastermind Workshop:
  1. Language of Success Mastermind
    • How to have high powered communication so you can attract and keep the ideal clients that you enjoy working with.
    • Learn how to create a healthy culture with your clients and team that causes your business to thrive.
  2. Lifetime Referrals Mastermind
    • How to automate your referral systems so you can have a consistent flow of leads.
    • How to use Facebook to get in front of your ideal clients consistently at a low cost.
    • Exact scripts to use to get referrals from you sphere or past clients.
  3. CHAOS to Freedom Mastermind
    • Learn how to handle the "Messy Middle" of the business that rarely gets talked about with running your business like a business, client experience, hiring, compensation, team management, and bullet-proof systems.
    • What a "perfect team" looks like for a 10 closings per month and 20 closings per month.
    • How to put your business on auto-pilot so you can make more, work less while maintaining work-life balance.

Get step by step blueprint of scripts, emails, text messages and “Getting Clients Strategies” and "Hiring Talent Strategies". Proven to get you more closings without working nights and weekends.

NEW Dates Announced!
Date: July 24, 2018
Time: 8:30am to 5:30pm
Location: Aloft Jacksonville Tapestry Park
4812 Deer Lake Drive West
Jacksonville, FL 32246
Cost: $249 $129

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What Others are Saying:

Robert Paredes
Phenomenal in the way Christine presents all the material dn allows you to really internalize it and give you a peak into yourself and how you can actually implement it and use it in your life and your career.
Damarow Jones
Took my insides and fed it back to me in ways that I can understand. Such a powerful situation for me! If you want to know what's going on in that brain of yours... it's going to help me in my life and for that I am eternally grateful. Come see Christine, it will change your life!
Sandra marconi
You must invest in yourself if you're wanting your team to invest in you. it's got to start at the top and trickle down. Was it convenient to come? No. Was it good to come? Absolutely! Now you heard about it. Now take the time to come.
Jim Black
The value this had on my business is that it ensures we have a predictable business going forward so I don't have to dive back into every bit of it because I'm losing people. I also learned a lot from the agents that were in here.