Christine Lee

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7 Key Automations You Must Have...

Seller & Buyer Lead Automation

Does your system have the following?
  • Seller Leads & Facebook Target Marketing
  • SMS / Text 2 Seller & Buyer Leads
  • Open House & Geographic Farming Systems
  • Expired + FSBO + Power Dialer
  • Custom IDX Website w/Unlimited Blog, Market Niche Pages
  • 3rd Party Lead Integration
  • Text-friendly, Trackable Phone #s
  • Recruit Leads for Agent & Admin
  • and so much more...

Lead Conversion Automation

Does your system have the following?
  • Automatic Lead Alerts & Routing
  • Seller, Buyer, Closing, Recruiting Email Drips
  • Automated MLS Property Drips
  • Built-in Seller Lead Qualification
  • Video Email Touches & Click Tracking
  • SMS Follow-up Touches
  • Automated Conversion Tracking
  • NEW Online Course: Seller & Buyer Lead Conversion (for Agents)
  • and so much more...

Referrals for Life Systems

Does your system have the following?
  • Automatic 33 Referral & Sphere Touches
  • Birthdays, Closings, Anniversary Push Notification
  • Housewarming Party Systems
  • Client Appreciation Event Systems
  • Facebook Retargeting for Sphere & Clients
  • Calculate ROI on Events & Top Referrals
  • Automated Referral Reports & Income Tracking
  • NEW Online Course: Lifetime Referral Systems for Admin & Agents
  • and so much more...

Listing Management Automation

Does your system have the following?
  • Automated & Customizable Listing Action Plans
  • "Happy Seller" Automatic Updates & Client Portal
  • Automatic Teamwork Task Delegation
  • Listing Lead Generation
  • Coming Soon Listing Marketing
  • Video Email Updates
  • Signs & Lockbox Tracking
  • Real-time Listings Performance Tracking
  • and so much more...

Contract to Close

Does your system have the following?
  • Contract to Close Management
  • Automated & Customizable Closing Action Plans
  • "Happy Client" Automatic Updates & Notifications
  • Role Assignments: Closing Coordinator, Assistant, Runner, Agent, Post-Closer, etc.
  • Automated Deadline Triggered Tasks w/Smart Elastic Dates
  • Post Closing Referral Touch Automation
  • Real-time Closings & Cashflow Tracking
  • NEW Online Course: Contract to Close Admin Training
  • and so much more...

Recruiting Automation

Does your system have the following?
  • Hiring Systems for Agent and Admins
  • Automated Recruiting Plans
  • Job Posting & Recruit Lead Capture Pages
  • Facebook Lead Funnel
  • Recruit by Production
  • Recruit Appointment Tracking
  • Track Recruit Referral
  • NEW Online Course: Team Building Blueprint - Who to Hire, When to Hire, How to Hire, How to Compensate
  • and so much more...

Automated Tracking & Reporting

Does your system have the following?
  • Instant Cashflow Report for Your Business
  • Follow Your Money with the Closing Executive Summary Report
  • Know Your Key Listing Performance Metrics
  • Acknowledge & Reward Your Top Performing Agents
  • Track Admin Productivity with Activity Insights Report
  • Identify Cause For Your Biggest Income Fall-outs
  • Top Referrals Sources and Actual Commission Income Reports
  • Know Your Cost per Lead, Cost per Closing for All Lead Sources
  • and so much more...